Nurse Ratched Power

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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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Nikolas Popovic
English 3H
Mrs. English

Power In The Combine

Women are a great part of society; women sometimes overpower men by their sexuality to gain power and control, which lead to constant battles for dominance. Nurse Ratched, and her matriarchy run the ward filled with mental patients. McMurphy, a new patient, uses the ward to escape from society and its rules. He soon realizes the power, Nurse Ratchet has established, and tries to break it. In the novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey, the character of Nurse Ratchet tries use her sexuality over men to establish power and control in the ward, but McMurphy challenges her, as he protests against Ratchet’s demands by ignoring work and watching television, winning the war. Nurse Ratchet uses her sexuality to overpower the men in the ward when she covers up her body and being unattractive, which helps create a matriarchy. Sexuality provides a huge cause to the power struggle between McMurphy and nurse Ratchet. Nurse Ratchet uses her unattractiveness to her advantage by covering up her body and attitude which McMurphy can not “get it up over her old frozen face in there even if she had the beauty of Marilyn Monroe”(Kesey 64). McMurphy realizes that his weapon of sexuality to overpower Nurse Ratchet cannot be used, simply because of her role as a woman in the ward. Nurse Ratchet hides her sexuality by hiding in the Nurse’s station while she, “ watches all this through her window” (37). The Glass Window symbolizes a barrier, which protects Ratched from all the men in the ward and their power of sexual dominance. Nurse Ratched also controls her sexuality against McMurphy when he asks what her bra size is, she simply, “ignored him just like she chose to ignore the way nature had tagged her with those outsized badges of femininity”(138). By ignoring and concealing her sexuality and femininity, Ratched demonstrates her power above...
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