Nurse Practitioner Essay Sources and Notes.

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Sources and Notes.

The nature of the work:

NPs provide patients with information about their own health, they listen to patients’ concerns and health, they concentrate on preventative health care, and provide individual and holistic care (outside scientific medicines.) A NP in a RN with extra training in diagnosing and treating illness. NPs can prescribe meds, treat illnesses, and give physical exams. NPs focus on prevention, wellness, and education -- unlike physicians. Most NPs specialize in specific areas of health care. – Adult Health, Family Health, Pediatric Health, Neonatal Care, School/College Health, Geriatric Health, Women’s Health/Midwifery, Psychiatric/Mental Health.

Things they do: Check medical histories and perform physical exams. Provide immunizations and other preventative child care. Diagnose and treat illnesses. Identify, treat, and manage chronic diseases (Diabetes/arthritis.) Order and interpret diagnostic tests (X-rays, Bl-Wk, and EKG’s.) Prescribe meds, physical therapy, massage therapy, and other rehabilitation therapies. Educate patients to help with decisions about their health. Perform procedures (suturing, casting, cryotherapy, and skin biopsy.) Refer to other health care providers. ***They treat both physical and mental conditions.

Working conditions/work environment. (Where would you work? Alone? Groups ? Advancement? Independence?)

-Private offices. Walk-in clinics. Community Clinics. Health Departments. School/Colleges Clinics. Hospitals. Home Health Care Agencies. Nursing Homes. Health Maintenance Organizations.

Working conditions: Conditions vary based on specialty. Acute Care NP and Neonatal NP are usually hospital based, may require rotating shifts or to be on-call. Majority of NP positions are ambulatory (NP works in out patient setting.) May include doing house calls in rural...
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