Nurse-Patient Relationship

Topics: Nursing, Nursing theory, Nurse Pages: 5 (2040 words) Published: October 29, 2012
The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate how Peplau's concept of the nurse-patient relationship can be used to influence an incident in practise. I have chosen to focus on the nurse-patient relationship, as I am in the early stages of my adult nurse training and I feel it would be beneficial to understand this relationship more accurately. The first part of this assignment defines a concept and briefly outlines the nurse-patient relationship as a concept. The second part focusses and outlines Peplau's theories. The final part relates Peplau's theories to an incident in practise. It is important to recognise that one theory may not substantially apply to an individual situation or nurse-patient relationship. Therefore I will briefly discuss other nurse theorists and how their work related to my patient. The incident I will mention involves a patient I assisted caring for during my surgical placement. I will refer to her as Sarah for confidentiality purposes. This is in line with section five of the NMC Code of Conduct:- You must respect peoples right to confidentiality. (NMC, 2008). A concept could be described as vehicles for thought, that involve images. They can be words that describe objects or events and are components for theory. ( 2011). Nursing itself could be described as a collection of concepts. These concepts are what nurses believe to be important aspects of nursing. All nurses should be aware of these concepts to allow the development of theories. (Pearson, Vaughan and Fitzgerald, 2005). An example of a concept in nursing could be promoting a clients dignity. This is such a vital attribute to nursing practise and models have been developed for nursing practitioners to follow to achieve this concept. (, May 2010). Peplau's interpersonal relationship model evolved around the concept of psycho-dynamic nursing. This concept involves looking at your own behaviour in order to assist another to understand certain difficulties surrounding their situation. Peplau suggests there are four phases to the nurse-patient relationship, they are:- 1. The Orientation phase:The initial meeting between patient and nurse. It is the phase where the patient identifies their need for assistance and the nurse aids the patient to establish and determine their needs. 2. The Identification phase: The patient is discovering the nurses that can help them and this is assisted by relatedness. The nurse encourages the patient to feel more positive about their new situation. 3.The Exploitation phase: The patient utilises as much as they can from their situation. This involves accepting all the care and tools that are on offer. Goals are established and the power begins to shift from the nurse to the patient as the goals are achieved. 4. The Resolution phase: The patient detaches themselves from the nurse-patient relationship. They set their own targets and seek assistance from their own support networks. (Cherie Howk, 2002). Tidal processes including, Holistic Assessment can also be used and are seen as practise for self-management (post illness). These processes are individual to each patient and involve as much autonomy as possible. (Cutcliffe, McKenna & Hyrkas, 2010). Within the phase of the nurse-patient relationship there are six nursing roles that emerge. They are 1. Resource person, providing the patient with specific information to assist their understanding of there new situation. 2. Counselling role, listening to the patients story of how they arrived in hospital and their feelings surrounding this. 3. The Surrogate. This is where the nurse permits the patient to disclose feelings generated in previous relationships and establish similarities between the nurse and the recalled person. 4. The Technical expert role is where the nurse understands the roles of other professionals and how they can be used in the patients best interest. 5. The Leadership role involves the nurse...
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