Topics: Individualism, Individual, Interdependence Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: May 18, 2013
This week’s reading was helpful and understands more how the group works and what is important to have a successful group. Groups exist for a reason and help to achieve goals otherwise it might be difficult to achieve as an individual. To have goals as a group is very important for overall success. Johnson and Johnson (2013) explained why goals are important. First, goals are guides for action, which direct, channel, and determine what members’ roles. The second is goals motivate behavior; no goals, no motivation. The third, goals provide the basis for resolving conflicts which can be resolved on the basis of what members want to accomplish. The fourth is the goals are a prerequisite for assessment and evaluation which without knowing what the purpose of the activity is, no assessment can be conducted. I agree on all four reasons and I always make my goals, so I know where I am going. Goals motivate myself to finish and stay focused. Without goals for a group, everyone work with what they think they should do. This can be very difficult to accomplish anything in a cohesive manner. Johnson and Johnson (2013) mentioned that the goals need to be clear goals. I sometime see the goal statement that they said, “do their best”. This is not a clear and concise goal and will be hard to accomplish. Johnson and Johnson (2013) talked about social interdependence, “social interdependence to humans is like water to fish. Just as fish are immersed in water their entire lives, we, too, are immersed in social interdependence” (p.80). Because we are immersed in social interdependence, we often underestimate the role that social interdependence plays in human life. There are three types of social interdependences. Positive interdependence; cooperation, which individuals seek outcomes that are beneficial to all. Negative interdependence: competition, which individual goal achievements are negatively correlated, which individuals seek an outcome that is personally beneficial...
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