Nur408 Compare Paper

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Comparison Paper
Jennifer Workings
December 10, 2012
NUR 408
Kimberly Oatman

Comparison Paper

Nursing as a career offers various areas of specialty. Nursing focuses on the wellness of the client. Nursing is defined by whom the client is being nursed back to wellness. Community health nursing and public health nursing are interchangeable definition for the most part. The purpose of this paper is to define the differences public and community health nursing. This paper will also discuss county, state, and national resources. Information including the history of public health will also be discussed in this paper. Community versus Public Health Nursing

Community health nursing and public health nursing terms are often used interchangeably. I have noted a difference in these two types of nursing. “Public Health Nursing is population-focused and community oriented, whereas community based care focuses on individuals and families in their natural settings within communities, “(South Dakota Consortium, 2000, para. 1). Historically there is a core knowledge that both community and public health nursing share which includes “public health,” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012).This core knowledge includes many different areas of focus. As the field of nursing evolves with current events these areas of focus change and continue to grow. Public health nurses focus on the wellness of the community in which families reside, work, or go to school. Nurses deliver care to individuals and families as a whole (Stanhope & Lancaster, , 2012). This care focuses on the identified problem within the family or community. History of Public Health Nursing

Public health nursing is constantly changing based on the current problems and events taken place in the community. The ultimate goal of public health is to improve the health of communities and vulnerable populations that reside within the community. Diseases plagued communities many years prior to accurate...
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