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Topics: Health care, Emergency management, Nursing Pages: 7 (2564 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Community Emergency Preparedness and Response
Community emergency preparedness refers to warnings and emergency evacuation plans in response to disasters. This paper will discuss [When writing an introduction, some approaches are best avoided. Avoid starting sentences with “The purpose of this essay is . . .” or “In this essay I will . . .” or any similar flat announcement of your intention or topic.] community emergency preparedness and response in a neighborhood community from episode five of season two from The Neighborhood- Pearson health science program. This paper will examine the response of the Neighborhood hospital, senior center, school, and the Bley household. In addition to that, this paper will discuss possible public agencies that could have been a part of an emergency situation to enhance and aid the disastrous condition in the community. The Neighborhood community has a population total of 64,200 residents. The Neighborhood community is located near the beautiful Neighborhood Forest along with the Neighborhood River. The residents and visitors enjoy many outdoor activities like hiking, biking, camping, swimming, boating, and golf. The Neighborhood Newspaper reported a ravaging forest fire that lasted for five days. Due to an early start to a windy season, the fire consumes faster than the firefighters expected and it became harder to contain. The fire is destroying the land and causing irreversible damage. The city officials are reporting that citizens are not in direct danger and will notify the residents if the fire gets closer to the town. The second article [At times, your tone is too informal and conversational for academic writing. When you write a paper, think about your audience.] mentions a middle school Science Fair that was occurring over the weekend. The 50 students that were participating are encouraged to attend this Fair since it is inspiring, and educational to many people. The third article mentions the hardship that healthcare workers are going through since the smoky air is affecting many patients who have pre-existing lung problems like chronic lung conditions according to Dr. Gordon. The Emergency Room and the local offices are having difficulties with the increasing number of patients with breathing problems. The city officials are informing citizens to stay indoors unless they have an important reason to go out. The Neighborhood hospital is going through difficulties making beds for patients who need them and the emergency room is overflowing with patients and demanding medical surgical units to make beds available. Kate is a registered nurse who graduated from nursing school last year and is working at a medical surgical unit. She has been busy admitting, discharging or transferring patients to other units. The entire staff is stressed and their mental and emotional morale is low. The nurse manager Pat is angry because the emergency department is continuing to demand that beds be made available. In addition to that, during the administrative meeting, he is informed that mandatory overtime is necessary starting next pay period. Bobby, a medical surgical nurse of five years has been bored with his job and is not schedule to work today. The school nurse, Violet assesses one student that was sent to her office due to constant coughing. Violet noticed that Kelsey Young, a second-grade student, has problems with her breathing. She has an increased respiratory rate, coughing often, with wheezing sounds in her lungs. Violet calls Mrs. Young to pick Kelsey up from school and recommends her to take Kelsey to the pediatrician. Violet also recommends Mrs. Young to bring an extra inhaler to keep in the nurse’s office, but Mrs. Young looks hesitant to do so. [Does Violet discuss her concerns of the look of hesitancy with Mrs. Young? Should Violet?] Mr. Dallion is reporting to Karen, a geriatric nurse for 30 years about symptoms of breathing difficulties which...
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