Nur 405 Windsheild Survey

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  • Published : January 16, 2011
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Windshield Survey Reflection
Rosemarie Cahill
University of Phoenix

There are many observations that I have made living in Dutchess County for the 33 years of my life but to actually researching and learning about the community I’ve live in is very interesting. I did find it very challenging to get information about certain topics like race, ethnicity and employment. The three community nursing diagnoses I have chosen are: one, Ineffective health maintenance related to lack of familiarity with neighborhood resources, two, deficient knowledge related to lack of familiarity with managed care and three risk for poisoning related to ingestion of lead.

For the first community nursing diagnosis Ineffective health maintenance one nursing interventions that could have a positive effect is planning a specific program to familiarize members of community organizations with neighborhood resources, such as having an agency spokes person attend senior citizen lunch meetings to distribute program material. This will enhance acceptance and reach more people. Another nursing intervention that could have a positive effect is to ask members of community organizations to evaluate community resources. They could discuss ways in which organizations may become politically active in requesting needed services. This will positively effect the community in members will become more aware of resources and evaluation may help point out the need for changes. Some community health partnerships that can help in accomplishing these interventions are Meals on Wheels could come to the Fishkill Recreation Center to explain their services and how residents can receive these services. Also the American Cancer Society can come to recreation centers and local doctor/clinic offices to explain their program Road of Hope, where volunteers drive patients to and from their cancer treatment. The American Heart Association can set up free blood pressure screening in the local Walmarts where they can...