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A numeral is a word class (part of speech) designating numbers or related to specifying quantities and any other countable divisions. All numerals are divided into cardinal numbers and ordinal numbers. Cardinal numbers indicate number, quantity or amount and are used in counting. 0| Zero (nought)| 10| Ten| | |

1| One| 11| Eleven| | |
2| Two| 12| Tvelve| 20| Twenty|
3| Three| 13| Thirteen| 30| Thirty|
4| Four| 14| Fourteen| 40| Forty (no "u")|
5| Five| 15| Fifteen (note "f", not "v")| 50| Fifty (note "f",not "v")| 6| Six| 16| Sixteen| 60| Sixty|
7| Seven| 17| Seventeen| 70| Seventy|
8| Eight| 18| Eighteen| 80| Eighty (only one "t")|
9| Nine| 19| Nineteen (only one "t")| 90| Ninety (note the "e")| |
The numbers from 13 to 19 are formed by adding the suffix –teen to the corresponding numbers of units.They have two stresses: on the first syllable and on the suffix.The cardinal numerals indicating tens are formed by adding the suffix – ty to the corresponding number of units.They have the stress on the first syllable. If a number is in the range 21 to 99, and the second digit is not zero, one typically writes the number as two words separated by a hyphen. 21| twenty-one|

25| twenty-five|
32| thirty-two|
58| fifty-eight|
64| sixty-four|
79| seventy-nine|
83| eighty-three|
99| ninety-nine|
In English, the hundreds are perfectly regular, except that the word hundred remains in its singular form regardless of the number preceding it (nevertheless, one may on the other hand say "hundreds of people flew in", or the like) 100| One hundred|

200| Two hundred|
| …|
900| Nine hundred|
So too are the thousands, with the number of thousands followed by the word "thousand". 1000| One thousand|
2000| Two thousand|
| …|
9000| Nine thousand|

There are simple, derived and composite cardinal numerals.The cardinal numerals from 1 to 12 as...
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