Number the Stars Book Report

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  • Published : January 3, 2011
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Exposition: 10-year-old Annemarie Johansen and her best friend Ellen Rosen were normal girls living in Copenhagen, Denmark. When walking home from school one day with Kirsti, Annemarie’s sister, they ran into German soldiers...literally! The soldiers questioned the girls about what they were doing, and Annemarie told them. When the girls told their mother’s, they got upset. They were told to take a different route to and from school. The Nazi’s got more and more forceful with every passing day. When Annemarie went to get a button for Kirsti’s shoe, the shop was closed and Mrs. Hirsch wasn’t there and neither was her family there either.

Rising Actions: Mrs. Johansen realized that “it” was starting, the Nazi’s hunt for all the Jews. The Rosen family went to the synagogue for their “New Year” the rabbi told them that the Nazis had taken a list of all the Jewish families and where they lived. Ellen came to live with the Johansen's and was disguised as Annemarie’s dead older sister, Lise Johansen. The first night that Ellen was staying with the Johansen’s, the Nazis came. They questioned about Ellen’s black hair, (the Johansen’s all had blonde hair) but fortunately Mr. Johansen thought quickly and showed the German Officer a picture of Lise when she was a baby and had curly, black hair. The next morning, Mrs. Johansen, Kirsti, Annemarie, and Ellen made their way to Mrs. Johansen’s brother Henrik’s house in Gilleleje because they believe it will be safer for Ellen. The girls have a fun and relaxing day until Annemarie’s mother says that “Great-Aunt Birte” died and they would be having a funeral that night. That night, many strangers arrive at Uncle Henrik’s house, among them a rabbi and many Jewish families. When it got dark, cars filled with Nazi soldiers come into the house and ask what the casket is for and why all the people are here. Mrs. Johansen tells them that “Great-Aunt Birte” dies of Typhus fever but she would be glad to open the casket lid. One of the...
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