Nuit of the Living Dead

Topics: Character, Thought, Mouse Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: June 4, 2012
“Nuit of the Living Dead” by David Sedaris

“Nuit of the Living Dead” written by David Sedaris, the setting in rural France leads to part of the comedic element of this story. Reading this story very much feels like trying to follow an ADD chipmunk. There are generally several thought patterns running simultaneously throughout the entire thing. It’s a quick, fun, charmingly quirky read.

One of the most charming parts is the internal dialog of the main character that’s constantly drizzled through the entire story. It lends such a drawing part to this story; makes it very much more captivating. About halfway into the story and it started to feel so much like a peek into my own mind that I couldn’t help but chuckle a little and think to myself that I had done those very same things. The writer talks of an inability to stop his mind from running to every possible thing that could happen at night when ones alone. There have been countless times I have set up at night planning my escape routes for an impending zombie apocalypse.

The main character is so scattered and so easily distracted it always leaves you guessing what he will say or do next. The internal dialog for the beginning of the story is discussing a seemingly, completely unrelated event to the rest of the story, simply just because it was the thought process a person like that would take. Also to give an idea of how a small community was found of gossiping and stretching truths, and even perhaps how they could take a happenchance event and run rampant with it.

When the story really starts to take off is when the main character, who is also the writer, launches into his description of the mice in the attic with walnuts from the tree in the side yard. After finding a mouse struggling still alive in one of the traps set in the attic, the main character sets about trying to rescue the poor mouse. Through a rather darkly humorous set of events the main character ends up trying to mercifully drown the...
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