Nuemberg Rallies

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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The Nuremberg Rally was the annual rally of the Nazi Party in the years 1923 to 1938 in Germany. The first rallies took place in 1923 in Munich and in 1926 in Weimar. From 1927 on, they ran exclusively in Nuremberg. Especially after Hitler's rise to power in 1933, they were big propaganda events. Nuremberg was situated in the centre of Germany and was well suited as a venWAW ue. In addition, the Nazis had a well organized local party in Franconia and the Nuremberg police were sympathetic to the event. Later, the location was justified by putting it into the tradition of the Reichstag in the Holy Roman Empire. After 1933, they were held in the first half of September under the label of "national party congress of the German people", meant to symbolize solidarity with the people. This point was further emphasized by the yearly growing number of participants, which finally reached over half a million members from all sections of the party, the army and the state. The Rallies

Every rally was given a propaganda title by Goebbels, which related to recent national events. 1933 The title "Rally of Victory" relates to the seizing of power and the victory over the Weimar Republic. 1934 was labeled "Rally of Unity and Strength" "Rally of Power" or, relating to the movie by Leni Riefenstahl, "Rally of Will" 1935 "Rally of Freedom" refers to the reintroduced compulsory military service and thus the 'liberation' from the Treaty of Versailles. 1936 "Rally of Honor" The invasion of the demilitarized Rheinland 1937 In the "Rally of Labor"referred to the reduction of unemployment 1938 Because of the annexation of Austria this event was called "Rally of Greater Germany" 1939 "Rally of Peace" was cancelled on short notice, as on September 1st, Germany began its offensive against Poland. Procedure

The primary aspect of the Nuremberg Rallies was the almost religious focus on Adolf Hitler, portraying Hitler as Germany's savior. The gathered masses listened to the...
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