Nucleon Inc

Topics: Strategic management, Clinical trial, Drug development Pages: 4 (907 words) Published: March 14, 2011
1.What is the strategic decision Nucleon was to make?
Before Nucleon can begin clinical trials, its management must decide how and where to manufacture the product. Three options are being considered: 1) Build an in-house pilot plant
2) Contract production to a third-party
3) License the development, manufacturing, and marketing rights to a corporate partner. •The main issue is that Nucleon has to be able to find enough cash in-flow not only for the founding of the clinical trials for CRP-1, but also for the further development of the two new cell regulating factors and of the mammalian cells fermentation technology. Therefore, by choosing its manufacturing strategy, Nucleon should not only focus on the percentage of the forecasted sales revenues, but also focus on the possible synergies. I believe that partnerships have to be part of this Nucleon business strategy: they can advance the development of its projects, by complementing and optimizing Nucleon technology platforms. •The article focuses on manufacturing strategy: Nucleon competes in a global growth market that is both highly dynamic and complex. Most of the world’s largest pharmaceutical enterprises have in house biotechnology R&D programs as well as collaboration with start-up companies. A decisive factor in future entrepreneurial success will be the ability to identify tomorrow’s products and technologies at an early stage, to successfully develop them and to find a strong partner to put them on the market. •Some strengths include:

- Tight links with the academic/research community
- Strong patent position on the CRP-1 molecule
- Promising pre-clinical trials of the CRP-1 molecule
- Technical capability to identify potentially therapeutic regulating factors.

2.What is Nucleon’s opportunity and threat?

-Nucleon’s size and entrepreneurial spirit created an academic atmosphere in R&D and tight links to the academic and scientific community. -The company’s...
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