Nucleat Power in Australia

Topics: Nuclear power, Nuclear fission, Uranium Pages: 4 (1193 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Australia should adopt nuclear power as its main source of power

Currently, an increasing number of countries have developed nuclear power and adopted nuclear power as their main source of power. However, not all countries support the development of nuclear power. A great deal of residents concerns which have swept across much of the developed world was caused by the growing nuclear industry overseas (Falk ,Green & Mudd 2006).In Australia, nuclear power is not used due to the worries about safety and pollution, but some experts point out that the perception about nuclear power should change, because it is possible that the use of electricity in Australia will double during the period from 2040 to 2050 relative to what it is today (Switkowski 2007).Opinions on whether Australia should adopt nuclear power as main source of power are divided. The controversy has become more heated following the growing concerns that traditional energy is running out. A majority of individuals tend to insist that Australia should not develop nuclear power. However, this essay will discuss that Australia should adopt nuclear power for several reasons: the raw materials of nuclear power, uranium, is abundant in Australia, and to a large extent, nuclear power is more environmentally-friendly and it can bring a lot of economic benefits for Australia, furthermore, the safety concerns are being addressed more effectively over time.

Firstly, traditional sources will run out during a relatively short period while the raw materials of nuclear power, uranium, is abundant in Australia. The traditional resource that Australia often use mainly consists of coal, natural gas, oil and hydro, compared with nuclear power, most of them are nonrenewable resources .For example, 'Australian rate of growth of natural gas production was 3% per year over the last five years. While our current rate of gas usage is such that we have 67 years supply, if this growth rate increases as expected as we...
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