Nuclear Weapons

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Nuclear proliferation, Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Pages: 4 (1352 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Nuclear Weapons
Non-Proliferation is a limitation of production such as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The big five: United States, Britain, France, China, and former Soviet Union agreed to dismantle arsenals and signatory nations would not possess nuclear weapons (Conn). Although North Korea has become the world’s ninth nuclear power, they withdrew from the treaty in January 2003. Since then, North Korea processed enough plutonium for five nuclear bombs (Norris). America should and does have a defense against this. After the nuclear warfare in the past, many people believe it will never happen again because nobody would ever want that damage to their own country. Even though this may be true, having our own weapons is safer and better for America (Robinson). Another treaty to reduce the nuclear weapons of the world will not stop other countries from having the weapons; therefore the United States should not disengage from the nuclear stalemate to ensure the safety of the American people.

The best way to ensure the safety of the American people is to make sure that other countries will not use nuclear weapons against us. A disagreement between two countries leads to conflict. Conflict leads to war. War leads to nuclear war. Nuclear war leads to an uninhabitable earth. This can be prevented with America controlling the nuclear battlefield. Despite treaties limiting nuclear weapons, “it is estimated that up to 40 nations could manufacture nuclear weapons” (Conn). Another treaty to limit all the nuclear weapons in the world would result in the United States limiting our own weapons and the same other countries ignoring this treaty like before. With 27,000 nuclear warheads around the world that could be detonated in half an hour, America needs to have its own line of defense too (Conn). One way to guarantee that nuclear weapons will not be used against us is to threaten a larger retaliation.

Deterrence does work against many terrorist...
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