Nuclear Weapons

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Civil War Persuasive Essay Question

Instructions: Answer the following question in a well-developed, five-paragraph persuasive essay: “Was the Civil War inevitable or preventable?”

Suggestions and requirements:
 Your answer should be equivalent to at least 5 paragraphs of 5-6 average-length sentences each.  Your answer can be “yes,” “no” or somewhere in between.  Make sure you understand the wording of the question fully before you begin.  It would be most helpful to consider three main arguments you want to make to prove your point, and organize your essay around those points.  Make sure you support your answer with specific examples. Don’t just say the war was inevitable because the North and South were different. Explain how they were different, and why that difference was enough to cause war.  Remember that a persuasive essay involves you arguing a point. You should have a clear thesis (a sentence explaining your position and argument; example: “The Civil War was inevitable because XXX, XXX and XXX”).

 Do NOT use “I” or “me” in a persuasive essay.
 Spelling and grammar do count. And with the due date being several days away, you will have plenty of time to revise. This time, however, you will only turn in a final draft.
 Your introduction (1st paragraph) should include the following:
-an opening that makes people want to continue to read
-a clear explanation of the topic
-your thesis
 Your conclusion should include the following:
-a restatement of the major points you made in the essay
-an ending that sums things up appropriately
 Don’t bother with pictures or fancy covers or anything. You will only be graded on the substance of your essay.
 Please seek out Mr. Bodnar if you want help. But don’t wait until the day before the assignment is due.

 This essay counts as a test grade.

 Due at the start of class on ________________

 A scoring rubric is on the...
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