Nuclear Weapon and Twisted Story Lamb

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David Fang
Lamb to the Slaughter (scrutinize)
Roald Dahl explored our perception of control and weakness through the extensive use of irony and foreshadowing and succeeded in writing the twisted story Lamb to the Slaughter! The story’s portrayal of women was unlike the society’s view of females back then, where they were meek and helpless (similar to lambs). In this story, they are capable of taking matters into their own hands, which reveals a dark side to humanity where we all have the capacity to do evil things if we are pushed to our limit! This story helped me to remember and respect the capabilities of a woman… The story ends with an ample amount of irony, with the investigators suspecting that the murder weapon was “Probably right under our very ... noses.”(9) Lamb to the Slaughter combines the ideas of control and weakness to create a formidable short story. August Heat

What a truly chilling tale William Fryer Harvey has written, August Heat has an ambience of horror, mystery and suspense that is really amplified through the use of foreshadowing. Interestingly enough, the author didn’t exactly allude to any horror outright, but he left the terror to be inference by our own vivid imaginations, and that left each reader with a different perception of the tantalizing ending. Aforementioned ending was foreshadowed by the quote “But the heat is stifling. It is enough to make a man mad.”(4) Harvey explores the dark side of humanity in August Heat with the use of irony and forces us to look within us realize the dark potential embedded inside us. We can glean from the text that sometimes, when the summer heat just becomes too much and events steamroll out of our control, humans are pushed to do extreme actions! In conclusion, August Heat is a frightening tale of foreshadowed events. Mason’s Life

Mason’s Life is a quirky tale written by Kingsley Amis about our perception of reality and through the use of foreshadowing this story was definitely a good read....
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