Nuclear War between Russia and the United States: Importance of Material Things

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  • Published : January 20, 2011
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Material Things Become Important After "The Day"
During a nuclear war between Russia and the United States, the town of Fort Repose, Florida, is in the danger zone of radiation poisoning and contaminated items. Randy and the townspeople of Fort Repose must remain calm and ration their supplies. However, when the material things run low, everything becomes important. People must be creative and composed during this time of chaos. Therefore, the importance of material things after "The Day" leads to death, theft, and murder, but when people add to the chaos by trading the expensive for the inexpensive, people will do anything for the necessities, and that just adds to chaos causing the society of Fort Repose, Florida to be completely disrupted.

In the town of Fort Repose, the people of the town are very confused and terrified about what is going to occur in the following months. In addition to this turmoil, people need to increase their supply of food, water, and anything else that they think could help them in this time of bedlam. The use and need of salt becomes very important in Alas, Babylon. In fact, salt is the main preservative of most foods, especially steak and meat. In detail, the salt preserves the meat by drawing out the moisture and creates an environment inhospitable to bacteria. If they were to put the meat in salt in cold weather, the salted meat could last for years. Not only does salt last long, but its trade in value is amongst the highest. Salt could be traded for really anything their mind could think of. Anyone would do anything to get his or her hands on salt if that meant food for a longer period of time. Equally important, is gasoline, the main element for the transportation of cars after "The Day." Gasoline could only be obtained if one has had the money, has something worth the exchange, or they were a friend of the retailer. Gasoline becomes very valuable and expensive after "The Day" that Randy had to have special...
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