Nuclear Proliferation Essay

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  • Published : January 31, 2011
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Dalton Cole
October 12, 2009
Nuclear Proliferation
Nuclear proliferation is an important world issue. It is the spreading of nuclear weapons technology to rogue states, and can be very hazardous to our country and many others. It is a tough task, but we are doing everything we can to stop nuclear weapons from falling into the hands of terrorists.

Recently, A.Q. Khan, the father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb, has revealed that he has been selling nuclear weapons technology to Libya and other rogue states. This revelation added more fear with the attack of 9/11, envisioning nuclear destruction. President Bush had many thoughts on how to help eliminate nuclear proliferation and treated it as a very important subject. “Our message to proliferators must be consistent and must be clear. We will find you, and we’re not going to rest until you’re stopped.” Many believe a plan of attack is the best way to stop nuclear proliferation. It is true, that if men like A.Q. Khan are eliminated, the threat of proliferation will be greatly reduced. However, experts are more concerned with the safety of our own nuclear weapons.

Wade Boese, research director of Arms Control Association, says “if this is such an urgent priority, why not fund it like it is and recognize we’re in a race with the terrorists?” when speaking about the safeguarding of our nuclear weapons. If properly secured and kept secret, the problems of nuclear proliferation are definitely minimized. We need to keep this deadly information out of the hands of terrorists at any cost.

Another method in the attempt to eliminate nuclear proliferation as much as possible is the Non-Proliferation Treaty. It is an agreement to abandon the use and creation of nuclear weapons in exchange for help in developing nuclear power for peaceful uses. The only countries who have never signed are India, Israel, and Pakistan, which have all developed nuclear weapons. North Korea also signed, but later...
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