Nuclear Power Presentation(Disadvantage)

Topics: Chernobyl disaster, Nuclear safety, Lists of nuclear disasters and radioactive incidents Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: February 23, 2013
And I will introduce the disadvantage of nuclear power. The high Invest Costs would be the first challenge to face, The construction cost of a nuclear reactor is high; according to various studies, the total cost of building and making a nuclear power plant operational ranges between $8-17 billion(which is about 5~11 billion pounds). It implies a huge amount of investment from the beginning to the end — how to handle nuclear waste, or ,more specifically, the Radioactive Waste.

Radioactive Waste is a by-products of the nuclear power station that can pollute the environment beyond repair ,as a well-known fact that it can cause fatal diseases, such as cancer, in the human population if not properly disposed of. Actually this is the main adverse effect on human after an accident of nuclear power.

The last point of the dark side is that when the power station meets an accident, such like what happened in 2011 in Japan, the Fukushima Nuclear Accident, is much more devastating than those in conventional energy plants. Despite being a much rarer occurrence, individual nuclear disasters are much more deadly than, say, fossil fuel disasters. The accident may destroy all the living things and buildings around and leave radioactive sources on the planet that continues to express a high level of radioactivity for a long term — Usually those contaminants will take over hundred years to decommissioned. In this case, things get worse, radioactive not only spread on the land but also into the ocean and made globalization pollution issues; the explosion triggered the temblors at the same time .

However, if we take a review of the official report of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident, which present by The National Diet of Japan in Sep 12 2012(page 16), we can find from the report this disaster has been defined as “A ‘manmade’ disaster”, the reasons is:

the organizational and regulatory systems that supported faulty rationales for decisions and actions: 1 The operator...
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