Nuclear Power Is Good

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  • Published : March 5, 2012
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Nuclear Power Is Good
Humanity needs a lot of energy. We need it for light, heat, transport, food and so on. Basically everything we do in our daily life requires energy. However, the popular way to create energy by burning fossil fuels causes some serious problems to our environment. So it is really a need for another energy resource. Hence, nuclear power can be the best since it contains advantages of higher efficiency of energy but lower pollution to our world.

The first and also the most important advantage is that nuclear power has less pollution emissions. Nuclear power is considered one of the cleanest energy sources when it comes to emissions. Currently, the use of burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil as energy emits nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and other dangerous gasses. Unlike using fossil fuels, nuclear power production emits almost no greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Hence, nuclear power will reduce the problem of global warming. Although the Department of Energy (DOE), says that nuclear power do generate some carbon dioxide emissions during the production. However, according to the Swedish Energy Utility, Vattenfall, finds out that nuclear power emits less carbon dioxide than any other energy resources including hydro, wind, solar and biomass although all of these processes emit much less than fossil fuel generation of electricity. Hence, nuclear power is also considered green energy.

Another one of the advantages of nuclear power is that it doesn’t require vast land but generates a great amount of energy. Many forms of energy resources require a lot of land. For instance, solar power requires big amounts of land full of solar panels, and wind power requires acres and acres of windmill farms. But nuclear power facilities take up minimal space. One double-reactor plant takes up a few hundred acres and can power two million homes. However, the same productions from wind or solar power require tens of thousands of acres. Besides using...
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