Nuclear Power as a Suitable Power Source for the Philippines

Topics: Solar energy, Fossil fuel, Energy development Pages: 3 (1161 words) Published: February 2, 2011
PASCUAL, Alexis David P.011811
Nuclear power as the most suitable source of energy for the Philippines Soaring electricity bills, repeated blackouts; two of the major causes of headache we experience a lot nowadays. The giant power firm, MERALCO, has increased generation charges by a painful amount within the last 5 years, and of course, people are crying out loud because of this. In the middle of a power crisis, amidst soaring generation charges, the increasing cost of fuel importation, and with no suitable substitute for fossil fuel, the people ask themselves, when will this end? Will the time come when we will not be dependent on burning fossil fuel for electricity? What would be the best power source for the Philippines? Nuclear power has been around for quite a while and it’s about time to tap this untouched resource. With this power crisis in front of the Philippines, to look for a plausible answer to the problem requires us to think outside the box, look around and search for the most suitable power source for us. We’ve tapped geothermal energy, solar energy, and wind energy; and at the end of the list, we have no choice but to look at nuclear power. This paper explains why it is not so much a bad idea to spend time and money for nuclear energy. The suitability of one form of energy for a country may be decided by 3 factors: one, its ability to provide for the demand of all the people and industry in that particular country, and its ability to support this demand for a long time. Every human being living in the city - and that accounts for a big percentage in the population - in this world needs electricity. 5 million babies are born every year here in the Philippines and of course, these babies want to live with electricity. We will need additional supply of electrical energy to satisfy the never ending need for energy of this growing population. More people are going to want to have cold drinks from the refrigerator every year; more people are...
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