Nuclear Industry Business Plan

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Material science centre|
Long-term Management Of Nuclear Waste|
Research& Technology business plan|
Chundan HUANG|

Applications of New Materials for Emerging Markets|

Chapter 1: Market4
1.1 The market satisfy4
1.2 Our Product5
1.3 The customers of our company7
1.4 The competitors8
1.5 Market strategy (SWOT analysis)9
1.6 Strategies10
Chapter 2: The Goalposts/ Milestone11
Phase 1: Founding the cornerstone for 35~40Years11
Chapter 3: The people15
3.1 The management team15
3.2 Track Record16
Skills and experience of key individuals:16
3.3 Personal stake17
3.4 Governance17
Board structure17
3.5 Stakeholders: UK government & NDA, funding bodies18
3.6 Conflicts of interest:19
Chapter 4: The Money20
4.1 Business fund application20
4.2 Other resources application21
4.3 Financial Projections22
Chapter 5: The Risk25
Appendix A: Group meeting records28
Appendix B29
Appendix C32
C1. The comparison of UREX+1 Processes32
C2. Regulated nuclear site map33
C3. Milestone Gantt chart34
C4. Profit and loss for expected case35
C5. Cash flow for expected case 38
C6. Balance sheet of expected case39
C7. Risk Likelihood Determination41
C9. Reference:49

Executive Summery

To promote the smooth transition into a nuclear powered future by the persuasive argument that there are many options available with regards to the safe, efficient, clean and affordable management and storage of nuclear wastes; first by revolutionizing the way spent nuclear fuels are managed in the UK and the world, then by developing improved storage methods for the large quantity of other classifications of nuclear by-products.

* Our enterprise provides the latest UREX+1 reprocessing technology to reprocess the high to intermediate level nuclear waste. * Our customers will be the companies around the world, who has nuclear power plants. The UK customers, such as EDF and Horizon are the first choice of us. * Product unique selling point:

* reduces the cost and hazards of repository disposal
* reduces the amount of civilian plutonium accumulating in the fuel cycle * recovers unused fuel and energy value from the waste. * recovers around 80% of volume compared with disposal directly * Company founder: four material science engineering postgraduates from University of Manchester. * The fund to do the original research and the fund to build the factory will be applied from nuclear energy and decommission association or the nuclear power company. Also, at the research stage, we need the nuclear research facilities, which may get help from Dalton Nuclear Institutions and Sellafield Ltd. * Our product price is £826 per kg, the long-term liability we have borrowed from investors are £4.425 billion. The investment to first factory and research is £1.025billion. In our expected scenario, the prediction is that in 2032 we will have returned to our investors the amount they had initially invested in our company. Chapter 1: Market

1.1 The market satisfy
The increasing importance of nuclear power is clear to us. However, one emerging issue we need to consider is the management of nuclear waste. Unlike other industrial waste, radioactivity hazard from nuclear waste only diminishes with extended time. The main objective in managing and disposing radioactive (or other) waste is to protect people and the environment. The radioactivity can harm or kill living creatures according to the intensity of the radioactivity. Medical and industrial activities can generate radioactive waste, as well as power stations and fuel reprocessing. The nuclear waste is classified to four categories:

a. Very Low Level Waste (VLLW) -
b. Low Level Waste (LLW)
c. Intermediate Level Waste (ILW)
d. High Level...
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