Nuclear Impacts

Topics: Nuclear power, Coal, Energy development Pages: 3 (731 words) Published: September 12, 2008
Nuclear power has developed into a mature and commercial reality with its part of success and threats. Although nuclear power can be used to generate electricity in an environment friendly manner, it is a subject of controversies owing to the threats related to it. Nuclear power has positive as well as negative impacts on people, society and environment. Positive Impacts on People

The potential of nuclear power has been recognized by people. It is capable of providing unlimited and easily accessible energy. Due to the depletion in reserves of fossil fuels, costs of fuels and power is increasing at a fast pace which is directly affecting the people. Besides, the use of fossil fuels results in production of harmful oxides of carbon and nitrogen which have an adverse effect on the health of humans causing diseases like asthma, cancer, etc. Use of nuclear power does not produce these harmful gases which will thus reduce health problems of people. Also nuclear power is more economical than other sources like oil, coal, etc. Usage of nuclear power will help people to be independent in terms of energy and thus progress. France is comfortable using nuclear power for domestic as well as industrial purposes since it does not want to depend on other nations for its fuel supply and it is cheapest source of energy. Positive Impacts on Organization

The nuclear power can be used for electrification, industrial uses and heating purpose. Any organization can use nuclear power which is economic and more reliable than other energy sources. Also it is free of green house gases and thus helps an organization in meeting set standards regarding gas emissions with ease. Thus it results in enhanced productivity and economic growth.

Positive Impacts on Society
Use of nuclear power can benefit the society in a number of ways. It will increase chances of employment for the youth. It will also help in maintaining ecological balance which has been disturbed owing to relentless use of...
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