Nuclear Force

Topics: Neutron, Nuclear fission, Nuclear fusion Pages: 4 (906 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Nuclear Force

The atomic nucleus contains a mix of protons and neutrons. The electrons are arranged around the nucleus. We already know that the protons have a positive charge and they have to repel each other because of Coulomb's law: If the protons have to repel each other why it doesn’t happen? Answer is the NUCLEAR FORCE.

So, the nuclear force is the force that holds nucleons (protons and neutrons) together in a nucleus.

Properties of the Nuclear Forse:
The nuclear force is strongest force in nature and 100 times stronger than electrostatic force. That's why nucleus is stable and do not disintegrate. The nuclear force is short range force. It means that it exist only when nucleons are extremely close (10-15 m) between each other. 3. Nuclear forces are not central forces. It means that these forces do not depend upon the centre of one particle to another particle. Nuclear forces do not depend upon the charge on the nucleons. The force is so strong that it can holds protons (with charge) together. Otherwise, they must repel each other because they have to have the negative and the positive charge to be together. Strong Nuclear Force and Weak Nuclear Force

- Particles that are responsible for carrying the strong force are massless, whereas for the weak force they are quite massive (nearly 100 times the proton mass). This explains why the weak force is weak – it is hard to borrow that much mass-energy for long enough to propagate very far. - Another difference is that the strong force actually gets weaker as you go up in energy, whereas the weak force gets stronger – at very high energy they should have the same strength.


- Both one of the four fundamental forces that governs how the universe works - Both work at a subatomic level
- Both have a very short range

Nuclear Fission
If we have the nuclear force, also, we have the energy. This energy called the Binding energy.

Binding energy is the energy used to...
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