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Nuclear Families

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“Nuclear Families Are Better Than Single-Parent Families” Tammy Dukes
University Of Phoenix /Axia College
April 3, 2011
University Composition and Communication
Damian Kodgis

Families not only provide food, clothing, and shelter, but they also give family members a sense of security, a sense of balance, and a feeling of belonging. Families help children form their religious beliefs and values, and they pass on traditions and customs from one generation to the next. Considering the family as a social system- knowing that what one person does affects every other person- can make you more aware of how your family works. A comparison can be made within single parent families and nuclear families. As s system, the family has to function together in order to work. Just as your body functions because of the interrelationships of the different parts and the exchange with the outside, so does, your family. Since the family is the basic social unit of society, society’s health is directly related to the family’s health. If we are to survive and maintain healthy successful lives we must work to promote healthy families. The nuclear family unit is a common type of family. It consists of parents and one or more children sharing a household. Single parent families consist of only one parent and the children in the household. Most often the parent is the mother because she is awarded custody of the children or in some cases the spouse has died. A family serves two essential functions: It is the primary support system to which individuals turn to in order to have its basic needs met and it also is the essential mechanism by which a child develops the capability to survive and to function independently in the world. Such a case with a nuclear family, it’s the first opportunity for physical well- being, learning, and loving. As with a single parent family, you do not have the same advantage. There is a matter of absence from a parent. As for the single parent in the...

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