Nuclear Environment in India

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Nuclear Reactors in the past few years have created a problem and moreover, they are confronted with issues relating to disposal of nuclear waste, catastrophic accidents despite the development of newer reactor designs and economics of nuclear power. After two or more decades there is a need for a revival of nuclear power. This is mainly due to climate change, desire for energy security and volatility in the fossil fuel market. The potential Impact of nuclear accidents has been a topic of debate practically since the first reactors were constructed. Numerous technical measures were taken to stop these accidents but despite this safety the two most happening nuclear accidents of all time include the CHERNBOYL disaster in 1986 and at TMI in 1979. These nuclear accidents can be supervised if engineering safety is taken i.e. if the reactors are built in such a way in order to prevent the leakage of radioactive material which further leads to Environmental Problems. The human desire is so intuitive and deeply embedded to see their place secure and controllable that it can be easily led to eliminate the threat to our deluded belief by recons truing apparently unjust events so they appear just. In the era where installing nuclear power capacity is a step towards economic self dependency it has to be implemented by the state but it has to be accepted by the public at large. The environmental Impact from these nuclear reactors is mainly due to contamination of large areas of land with various radionuclides. Another issue is long-lived high-level radioactive waste. The paper will discuss extensively about the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership Plan, which helps to lower the amount of waste by the construction of many fast-neutron reactors to fission the recovered plutonium and other transuranic elements. Environmental Issue related to nuclear power is also in debate on the question that whether it can be a solution to climate change. There has also been a debate on the...
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