Nuclear Energy Essay

Topics: Nuclear power, Chernobyl disaster, Three Mile Island accident Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Negative Effects of Nuclear Reactors

Hey! have you ever thought about the demand for turning to nuclear energy?and how it can expose all people into danger?. If they we're to plan building one in your home town what position would you take?. Even though nuclear power is a common trend that has shown a high success rate. We should not build a nuclear power plant in the Bronx because it is too expensive to build, it's not safe and there's problems that come along with radioactive waste. Over time nuclear power reactors have doubled in costs and construction. The reason being is because they are being built with new designs and modern technology and its costs will only increase. In earlier years according to “The nuclear energy option” by Plenum Press, Nuclear power plants between 1970-1983 cost more and more each time an additional reactor was built. In the early 1970s at building a power plant would cost of $170 million, and plants in 1983 cost an average of $1.7 billion. According to UCS 2009, since 2002-2008 cost estimate for nuclear power plants increased from $2 billion and $4 billion per unit to 9 billion. Building power plants in the future is proven that they will be more expensive than in earlier years. Nuclear power also does take away from other technologies that are cleaner,faster and cheaper to build such as solar power, wind power which can be more efficient and also less costly. Safety is another major concern that comes along with the building of a nuclear reactor. Devastating Accidents can occur. We can also receive threats from other countries because we become targets to terrorist. Nuclear energy also gives the power to produce weapon and bombs that can be used against use. Energy sources should not be targets to terrorist, because it could lead to thousands of deaths and devastate hundreds of acres. Two accidents were Chernobyl disaster and Three mile island accident. The Chernobyl disaster was a nuclear accident that occurred on 26 April...
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