Nuclear Energy

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Margaret Thatcher once cited.” A world without nuclear weapons would be less stable and more dangerous for all of us.” In the article “Get real: nuclear power is in your future” Allan Kupcis argues that nuclear power is a necessity to maintain “the backbone of any economy.”

Thus, in our day to days living, we seem to ask ourselves about what is meant by the term "Nuclear Energy." Some will give the right concept of the nuclear energy but others will not. It all depends with the knowledge one has about the nuclear energy. In this research paper, I will write on how nuclear energy arise paying emphasis on the advantages and disadvantages and past cases in the nuclear arena.

While nuclear power is much in the news right now because of the recent accident in Japan. The Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant disaster has made Japan reconsider the role of nuclear power in its future.

This is an important debate; however, it tends to bypass a major issue at the heart of nuclear power. The major issue is whether or not limitless energy resources are a good thing for our society and planet. Clearly speaking, new sources are needed in order to maintain the current standard of living in first world countries. Many third world countries are improving steadily, and will soon expect to have the same amount of energy per capita as the more developed countries.

Nuclear energy is an idea that came from the Soviet Union in 1954. By the end of 1989, 428 nuclear power plants were in the world. One hundred-eight of those resided in the United States. Unfortunately, nuclear power in the United States is declining. The high cost to build a power plant, safety, radioactive waste problems, political/social issues, and other concerns are to blame for the decline in nuclear energy in the United States.


Pie Chart : Nuclear power stations


Nuclear energy is one of the most efficient sources of energy available. It produces more energy than any other fuel of...
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