Nuclear Chemistry

Topics: Nuclear fission, Nuclear weapon, Uranium Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: December 19, 2012
When a really large unstable isotope changes into to smaller isotopes that are 2 completely different elements. the nucleus has to be larger than 230(mass). They are really slow and spontaneous. Fission = splitting. Can create a chain reaction. (picture above). Critical mass= must be enough mass in a reaction or enough fission type mass, fissionable mass, for the reaction to continue to go on.(minimum amount). Sub critical mass= mass of fission material that doesn’t have enough to keep the reaction going. Super critical mass= so much mass that there is to much where this rate of fission reaction can start increasing and can be very dangerous.could create so much energy to be dangerous. Slide= 15

Uranium would be located in the reactor vessel. in the fuel rods there is a nuclear Fission reaction happening. Lots of energy being released . Water absorbs energy and itt is presurised and moves over into the steam generator and where the liquid turns into a gas and because they move a lot faster. The air particles move the turbine and start to make a generator work and it produces a current producing electricity. Other steams go into the condensor and transforms it toa liquid and cools down. Moves out of condensor and moves to the cycle again. Advantage= get a lot of energy, enough electricity to power an entire city. Disadvantages= radioactive waste and no purpose. They will package a waya the waste and bury it or put it inside a mountain . They could possibly be used for nuclear weapons also …. When it goes through a meltdown it can affect a lot of people. Are we gonna be tested on the previous meltdowns?? 3 mile islands and chervoniyl . Slide = 18

When u have t2 small isotopes (nuclei) the will fusse together and create an even larger one. How stars work!! They do not have chain reaction and re not as continous, we have to sustain them. Slide= 20
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