Nuclear Chem

Topics: Radioactive decay, Proton, Neutron Pages: 4 (936 words) Published: February 21, 2012
CHEM 1290 Section No. ________
Name: _____________________________________________________

Spring 2012

Nuclear Chemistry
Pre-Laboratory Assignment: (due at the beginning of lab, will not be self-corrected) 1. Give a definition for radioactivity.

2. Give a definition and example for each of the following terms. a. α emission

b. β decay

c. γ decay

Name: _________________________________________________ Chem 1290 section ________ d. transmutation

e. radioactive decay series

f. fusion

3. Fill in the blank: a. All elements that have more than ____________ protons are radioactive. b. Radioactive decay obeys ______________ kinetics. c. By the end of two half-lives, the amount of the original sample of radioactive material has ______________.

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Name: _________________________________________________ Chem 1290 section ________

Laboratory Assignment: due at the end of lab
You will work in groups for today’s lab. Work on the side benches instead of in the fume hoods. You will need one bag (approx. 100 chips) of each color for today’s lab. Using the colored chips, build a model to fill in the table and write a balanced nuclear equation for each reaction below. Your model must clearly show a nucleus and an electron shell and you must have a key for the color assignment of the subatomic particles. Simply answering the question(s) without building the model(s) will result in a score of zero for the lab portion of this assignment. You must also fill in each blank correctly. Hint: the banker in the group can “make change”, i.e. exchange a proton and a β particle for a neutron. 1. Two atoms of helium-3 react to form helium-4 and ______________________. This is an example of a _______________________ reaction. Before reaction Protons Neutrons Electrons Equation: After reaction Change

2. The first nuclear ________________, performed in 1917 by Ernest Rutherford,1 bombarded nitrogen-14 with alpha particles to form...
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