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By | November 2012
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Whether or not what the world needs now is nuclear energy.

We use electricity in our everyday life. Now we can’t do without electricity. We have a lot of ways of generating electricity. For example, wind, concentrated solar, photovoltaics , nuclear. On using nuclear power, some people are for it, while other people are against. A supporter’s opinion is as follows. Now, global life style changes. 50% of the global population live in cities and five out of six of people live in developing countries. We are moving to cities. So, we need more electricity. There are three sources of reliable energy. They are coal and gas, hydro-electric, nuclear. Nuclear energy has been used for 40 years. The waste from a lifetime of electricity generated from nuclear power weighs two pounds. The nuclear waste typically goes into dry cask storage out back of parking lot at a reactor site while the coal waste is vast quantities of carbon dioxide and goes into the atmosphere where we can’t get it back. On footprint of energy production, wind power uses 250 square miles to generate one gigawatt of electricity. Solar power uses 50 square miles of land to do. They take a very large footprint on the land. In terms of weapons, nuclear power is the best disarmament tool. But 10 % of American electricity comes from old nuclear weapons. New types of reactor generate 10 to 125 megawatt. They are incredibly safe. The governments of the world have to promote nuclear power. The other hand, the opposite opinion is as follows. Wind and concentrated solar have the lowest CO2 emissions. In case of nuclear, the low estimate of CO2 emissions is the nuclear energy industry estimate. The high estimate is the average of 103 scientific studies. On construction, wind takes about two to five years on average, same as concentrated solar while it takes between 10 and 19 years to put up a nuclear plant from planning to operation. Considering the air pollution health effect, if we go to corn or cellulosic...

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