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  • Published : August 14, 2010
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I am lucky enough to have found the one thing that matters most to me quite early, during the 1st year of my undergraduate degree. As a part of entrepreneurship project, I interviewed a 43 year old entrepreneur who, within a decade, turned a $10 business into a $10 million enterprise. During the interaction, he shared with me a notepad where every morning he wrote about what new he is going to try today. To help me understand the effectiveness of the notepad, he inspired me to address the question “What learning will I get today about something totally new?” every morning for the next 3 months. Following this system of learning one new thing every day proved very powerful to me, which made me feel more accomplished than I ever felt before. Later on, this question became an interwoven part of my everyday life and the leading cause of most of my personal and professional achievements.

After completing my undergraduate degree I decided to join McKinsey as it offers opportunities to learn new skills each day, and therefore define a personalized growth path for each individual. I joined as a junior analyst and chose to focus on projects with real estate clients in different geographies. Each day of my initial days, I took deep interest to learn finer aspects of body language and different working styles of colleagues in different geographies. This knowledge helped me quickly gain trust of international counterparts and effectively lead video conferencing calls with them. Therefore in the first year itself, I was chosen as one of the founding members of research team dedicated to provide research support to Middle Eastern clients.

Later on when I worked for few months in preparing competitive market analysis for a Middle Eastern banking client, I chose to strengthen my analytical skills. During each day of this engagement, I decided to play devil’s advocate and therefore spent additional time in identifying the...
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