Ntroduction of Book 100years of Fashion Illustrations

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Fashion illustrations are a classically beautiful way of showing off an item of clothing designed by a designer or the illustrator him/herself. They are typically more stylized than a traditional portrait. For example, the facial features are not “realistic", and the bodies are often slightly elongated. This creates the elegant and 'chic' more interesting look of a fashion illustration, and keeps the emphasis on the dress. Fashion Illustration gives the illustrator the freedom to portray fashion as they wish. Unlike fashion design, there are fewer boundaries in which the illustrators can express their artistic point of view opposed to their flawless sewing skills. It is the communication of fashion designs through drawing. The main focus is the fashion figure or croquis used for draping the clothing onto. The true female figure measures seven to eight head lengths in height; the fashion figure measures nine to ten head lengths. By head it means that when an illustrator draws a croquis, the head is drawn first and then according to the size of the head the rest of the size of the body is determined. For example the distance from shoulder to waist is equal to two heads of the croquis the thigh is also drawn equal to the two heads of the croquis whereas the hip is equal to one and a half head. In fashion drawing the basic proportions of the human form from head to crotch are retained, while extra length is added to the legs to give dramatic stylized effect and give the illustrator's designs more dynamic appeal. The body is drawn long and slim with squared off shoulders and very unrealistically elongated legs. But it also depends on the illustrator what his or her style is. Every illustrator has his or her own style. Some draw

the croquis very skinny and some like their croquis to be a bit less than skinny. Some draw it with bold lines some just give a vague impression of a croquis drawn.The body looks extremely out of proportion, as the legs tend to be exaggeratedly long. The waist is drawn very slender. In the face the eyes are mostly made very big with really long lashes. Again it depends on the illustrator. The lips are also exagerated. Some make them very pouty and some make them smiling or a half smile or even give expressions like haughty, arrogant, sweet, sultry etc. The nose and the teeth are rarely drawn. A stark nose and teeth do not give a nice out look on the small face of the croquis. It is important to mention here that a croquis is not at all a realistic sketching of a human figure. It is like a clay in the hand of an illustartor and he/she can mold it into any form he/she wishes in any way he/she wants. Its all up to his/her ideas and experimenation. It is also worth mentioning that not all designers are good illustrators, therefore some of them hire the services of an illustrator.[1] 1.1 Studying Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration is a very major course which is a must part of a Fashion Design degree. It has many levels offered in each semester. Students develop drawing skills with an emphasis on figural proportion and gesture. Using a broad range of media, students draw from photographs and live models to communicate design concepts for men, women and children covering a variety of clothing styles, from costume to eveningwear. Basic drawing skills are a must to be eligible to take this course.[2]

1.2 Topic

The thesis topic is
“Importance of Fashion Illustration”

1.3 Aim
• First and foremost aim to do thesis on this topic is to introduce the concept of Fashion Illustration to a society that is ignorant towards it. • People will be made to realize the importance of Fashion Illustration as a very essential aspect of Fashion designing and to start accepting it as serious a profession as medicine.

1.4 Conceptual Framework
As the topic of this thesis is “Introduction to Fashion Illustration” so it will...
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