Ntpc Summer Report

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1. Introduction
2. Installed capacity
3. Thermal power plant
4. NTPC thermal power station
5. Overview on Satellite Communication
6. OSI Models
7. References


This is to certify that SAKSHI GARG 3rd year student (Electrical and Electronic Branch) of SHARDA UNIVERSITY, Greater Noida has successfully completed her Industrial Training at NTPC Noida, for seven weeks from 10th June to 31th July, 2012. She has completed the whole training as per the training report submitted by her.

Training Incharge


NTPC, the largest power utility in India, was setup in 1975 to accelerate power development in the country. It is among the world’s largest and most efficient power generation companies. NTPC ranked 317th in the 2009, Forbes Global 2000 ranking of the world’s biggest companies.

NTPC has installed capacity of over 31,000 MW. It has 15 coal based power stations, 7 gas based power stations and 4 power stations in joint ventures. The company has power generating facilities in all major regions of the country and has embarked on plans to become a 75,000 MW company by 2017.

To broad-base the business and also to ensure growth, diversification in the areas related to NTPC’s core business of power generation such as Hydro Power, Distribution, Trading, Coal mining, LNG etc. have been identified as priority areas. NTPC is also exploring possibilities to get into the field of Nuclear Power Generation.

Business Development

NTPC, with a rich experience of engineering, construction and 0peration of over 30,000 MW of thermal generating capacity, is the largest and one of the most efficient power companies in India, having operations that match the global standards.

Commensurate with our country’s growth challenges, NTPC has embarked upon an ambitious plan to attain a total installed capacity of 75,000 MW by 2017. Towards this end, NTPC has adopted a multi-pronged strategy such as Greenfield Projects, Brownfield Projects, Joint Venture and Acquisition route. Apart from this, NTPC has also adopted the Diversification Strategy in related business areas, such as, Services, Coal Mining, Power Trading, Power Exchange, Manufacturing to ensure robustness and growth of the company.

Vision and Mission


“To be the world’s largest and best power producer, powering India’s growth.”


“Develop and provide reliable power, related products and services at competitive prices, integrating multiple energy sources with innovative and eco-friendly technologies and contribute to society.”

Installed Capacity

Be it the generating capacity or plant performance or operational efficiency, NTPC’s Installed Capacity and performance depicts the company’s outstanding performance across a number of parametres.   | NO. OF PLANTS | CAPACITY (MW) |

NTPC Owned|
Coal| 15| 27,535|
Gas/Liquid Fuel| 7| 3,955|
Total| 22| 31,490|
Owned By JVs|
Coal & Gas| 6| 3,364|
Total| 28| 34,854|
Regional Spread of Generating Facilities REGION | COAL | GAS | TOTAL | Northern| 8,015| 2,312| 10,327|
Western| 7,520| 1,293| 8,813|
Southern| 4,100| 350| 4,450|
Eastern| 7,900| -| 7,900|
JVs| 1,424| 1,940| 3,364|
Total| 28,959| 5,895| 34,854|

Coal Based Power Stations | |

With 15 coal based power stations, NTPC is the largest thermal power generating company in the country. The company has a coal based installed capacity of 27,535 MW. | COAL BASED(Owned by NTPC)| STATE| COMMISSIONED CAPACITY(MW)|

1.| Singrauli| Uttar Pradesh| 2,000|
2.| Korba| Chhattisgarh| 2,600|
3.| Ramagundam| Andhra Pradesh| 2,600|
4.| Farakka| West Bengal| 2,100|
5.| Vindhyachal| Madhya Pradesh| 3,260|...
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