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WEIGHT: MALES: – BABIES – 150 lb to 400 lb
* ADULTS – 3330 lb to 4000 lb
* OLDER ADULTS – 7100 lb to 9900 lb

FEMALES: - BABIES – 100 lb to 300 lb
* ADULTS – 2900 lb to 3300 lb

HEIGHT: HIPPOS MEASURE 3.3 TO 5.2 meters (11 to 17 feet long) long, including a tail of about 56 centimeters long (22 inches) in length and average about 1.5 meters tall at the shoulder (5 feet).

The outer body covering of the hippopotamus has very little hair. The skin is around 6 inches think, which provides great protection from predators. The skin is essentially a shield for the hippo. The colour of the skin for the upper parts of the animal are purplish-grey to blue-black, while the lower parts and areas around the eyes and ears can be brownish-pink. The eyes, ears and nostrils of the hippos are placed high on the roof of the skull. The eyelids function is to moisturize the eyes. The hippo’s saw is a large monstrosity; it is packed with ton of force and pressure. Hippopotamus teeth sharpen themselves as they grind together. The lower canines and lower incisors are enlarged, especially in males, and keep on growing. The incisors can reach40 cm while the canines reach up to 50 cm. these special teeth are what let the hippos eat so much more alternatives and variety; not to forget, their teeth is a great method of self defense. Some adaptations that hippopotamus have implemented are: they dive underwater and their nose and ears close to prevent water from getting in, their jaw can pick up sound waves under the water, their skin secretes acids to prevent bacterial build up, webbed feet to swim in water and also walk on land (versatility), and structure of hippo makes it easier to sink to the bottom of a body of water.


Similarities between hippopotamus’ and humans are: belong to some animal kingdom (animilia) , they both have relatively close systems (i.e. Circulatory, digestive, etc.), and they are both hetorphoric (have to...
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