Ntc Historical Background

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  • Published: March 22, 2012
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Radio Control Office

The first radio regulatory office was known as the Radio Construction and Maintenance Section under the Telegraph Division of the Bureau of Posts. This section was charged with the enforcement of radio laws and regulations, particularly the provisions of Act No. 3396, known as the Ship Radio Station Law which was enacted on December 5, 1927. This law provides for the installations of radio obligatory for ships of Philippine register to protect life and property at sea.

On November 11, 1931, the Philippine Legislature enacted Act No. 3846, known as the Radio Control Law of the Philippines.Section 8 of the law provides that the "Secretary of Commerce and Communications is hereby authorized to create a Radio Regulation Section, Division or Office which shall take charge of carrying out the provisions of this Act and the regulations prescribed by him, to any bureau or office of his Department, subject to his general supervision and control." Thus, the Radio Control Division in the Bureau of Posts was created under the Secretary of Commerce and Communications.

In 1939, the Department of National Defense was organized pursuant to Executive Order No. 230. It was realized then that the functions of supervising and regulating the establishment and operation of all radio stations in the country were important to national defense and security. Consequently, the Radio Control Division was transferred to the Department of National Defence.

Pursuant to Executive Order No. 94, series of 1947, the Department of Commerce and Industry was created. The Radio Control Division was again transferred from the Department of National Defense to the Department of Commerce and Industry. The reason for the transfer was that in time of peace, the function of radio regulations was a vital factor in the promotion of commerce and industry and in the economic development of the country.

On January 1, 1951, by...
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