Nt2580 Unit 4

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Unit 4

Internet usage at Richman Investments is allowed and supported when necessary for work functions in relations to the business. However, Richman Investments has a policy for the use of the internet whereby employees must ensure that they: A) Comply with current legislation

B) Use the internet in an acceptable way
C) Do not create risks for the computer by misusing the internet. Unacceptable behavior
The following has been deemed as unacceptable use of the internet by employees. A) Visiting internet sites that contain obscene, hateful, porographic or otherwise illegal meterial. B) Using the computer to perpetrate any form of fraud, or software, film, or music piracy. C)Using the internet to send offensive or harassing material to other users. D) Downloading commercial software or any copyrighted materials belonging to third parties, unless this download is coverted or permitted under a commercial agreement or other such license. E) Hacking into unauthorised areas.

F) Publishing defamatory and/or knowingly false material about Richman Investments, your colleagues and/or our customers on social networking sites, ‘blogs’, ‘wikis’ and any other online publishing format. G) Revealing confidential information about Richman Investments, in a personal online posting, upload or transmission 0 including financial information and information relating to our customers, business plans, policies, staff and/pr internal discussions. H) Undertaking deliberate activities that waste staff effort or networked resources. I) Introducing any form of malicious software into the corporate network. Company-owned information held on third-party websites

If you produce, collect and/or process business-related information in the course of your work, the information remains the property of Richman Investments. This includes such information stored on third-party websites such as webmail service providers and social networking sites, such as Facebook and...
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