Topics: OSI model, Internet Protocol Suite, Internet Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: November 24, 2013
Roman Katoliko
CHAPTER 3: Building TCP/IP Networks
Lab 3.1: Network Reference Models
Ex 3.1.1
What would happen if wireless devices were not governed by the Wi-Fi Alliance and each vendor had its own standards and protocol? What impact would this have on your personal life or business communications? If each vendor had their own standards and protocols, we would have a harder time making devices that we use every day to inter-operate. Imagine buying specific BRAND of ROUTER for a SPECIFIC computer just to use the internet; so if you have a Sony computer you would also need a Sony wireless router to connect to the internet via provided Sony made routers. We would to have multiple routers depending on the devices we own and probably would not be able to use internet when we’re in a café, library, or airport because of incompatibility. Our whole society including the financial aspect would slow down a little bit. Ex 3.1.2

Give another example of a model that is used to visualize something that is difficult to observe or perceive. How does the model make it easier to understand?
Laptop and Wireless router model is the easiest model to understand because we use them every day. HP Laptop Wireless ConnectionLinksys Wireless Router
Modeling Communication
Ex 3.1.3
Based on what you already know about networks, what are the different layers you think would be necessary for communication to be mapped to a model? Consider direct connections between host devise and connections that require other routing equipment, such as a hub, switch, or router. Hub – physical

Switch – Data Link
Router – Network
Lab 3.2: The OSI Reference Model
Ex 3.2.1
Define each layer of the OSI model in your own words and state what each layer provides. Use your textbook or internet research to support your answer. 1. PHYSICAL (Layer 1) – this layer conveys the bit...
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