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Topics: English-language films, Family, American films Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Patrick S. Salagubang


When the movie was about to start, I felt boring because some of my classmates said to me that this movie we are watching is a drama story. In my life I hate watching drama stories because it is boring. As the movie goes by, I felt sleepy and bored because I can’t relate to the story. But when the 11 year old boy goes to school and answers the question of his professor, I can relate few scenes there because I am also a student like him. And when the professor assigned an assignment to his student, the assignment was entitled “Think of an idea to change the world and put it into action”, I relate it into my life, I also think of an idea and the idea I think is by not throwing garbage in the rivers, sea, lake, etc. because it can pollute our bodies of water. I am also touched when the 11year old boy (Trevor) can do household chores all by himself. And also when he helps the beggar man in the street and feed it in their house. I am also inspired by his mom because she was trying to work hard in the club just to make her son’s life good and just to make her son go to school. I was also inspired when Trevor also want to change the beggar’s life, first he failed to convinced him but he never give up. And when he also tried to convinced his Mom and his teacher to have a dinner date together, and also first he was failed to convince the two but he never give up. On that scenes I learned a lot of lessons, lessons that are important in our daily living in this world. It is important to never give up because you cannot reach your dreams in life when you give up. I learn also in that scene to try and try until you succeed. I also got angry to his step father when he arrived at home and had a debate in his mother. And I also got angry to those who are bullying to his friend and to him. I also got shocked when he got stab by a knife with his enemy by saving his friend from bullying. And I felt so very emotional when he...
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