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Reflection Paper
It is a great opportunity to have this kind of subject in my college career. NSTP is a subject that serves as an eye opener to us students, as we became aware of the real situation of our country-poverty. The Bacaca area is the place where we conducted our community service. Unfortunately the place was hit by a flashflood, as we visit there we were stupefied to see the houses, schools, and even the Muslim’s Masjid (since most of the residents there are Muslim people) full of mud or even destroyed because of the flashflood. Even some of their sources of living were destroyed by the flood. But in spite of their condition, I can still see that they are happy and fighting for all the challenges they have encountered. From them, I learned that poverty is not a hindrance for a family to be happy. I also see the simplicity of life, even having less, I can see that every family there didn’t fail to thank God that they are all healthy and surviving their daily lives. From their situation, I together with my co-NSTP students, formulate our project proposals to give relief to the community of Bacaca from the sufferings they had encountered. My group (Group 5) proposed a Disaster and Risk Reduction Orientation to aid in the awareness of the families there. They need that seminar so that if there will be a calamity, they will be ready and prepared for what to do. I hope that we are not the only one who can help the community of Bacaca. I hope the government can also help them. I think if the officials of our country will work together with compassion and honesty and will focus in improving our country instead of fighting and blaming each other, Philippines will achieved a high level as compared to other countries, there will be no depressed, deprived, and underserved families or communities in our country. As a citizen of the Philippines, I think we should be aware and be cooperative in solving the problems of our country. We should work arm to arm and...
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