Nstp Narrative Report

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We would like to acknowledge the person who used to be our guide and believer of what we can do serving the community. It is now are privilege to thank those particular persons who help us achieving the goals we’ve almost-------- after everything that we had experience for the whole semester, where in our abilities and skills were really challenged, the cooperation, the initiatives of each members, the way we talk not only w/in the team but also to those higher and positioned names in the society and of course leaving big decisions everytime we make new moves, each session we meet.

Thanks to Ms. Jackielyn M. Maguslog, coordinator of NSTP-CWTS, Mr. Scoto, NSTP-CWTS adviser, Mr. Emmanuel G. Habla, Jhonner D. Ricafort, Mr. Jamora, Mr. Alfonso Garcia, and the student facilitators who also give there part being the former students of NSTP-CWTS, we thank you for giving us an inspiration to be a better server for the community and stronger everytime we fail to succeed w/ our tasks and forgot our obligations in sometime.

On behalf of my team mates, HONESTY TEAM, we Thank You!!!

Ahlyssa Marie B. Guardian
Honesty, Chairman

Table of Contents
Title Page
Team’s Description
Program/ Department VMGO
Certification/ Clearances
a. Project Completion Certificate
b. NSTP-CWTS clearance
The Team (with picture)
Sample Attendance
Barangay History
Narration of Activities
a. Project Proposal
b. Letters used in the implement of the project
c. Memorandum of Agreement
d. Receipts used
e. Curriculum vitae


It is the act of being honest to someone or even to yourself. Honesty, leads a person into a better man that lifts ------up to be the people’s bank of trust in a community. Being an honest person also leads us to a good and friendly relationship with the community because they trust us for being reliable with every word we speak out. SSC VISION

A center of excellence in the formation of a progressive, productive, self-reliant, responsive, ecology-friendly and value-oriented people for a peaceful and agri-industrialized Sorsogon. SSC MISSION

A premier institution of higher learning committed to produce quality graduates who are research, value and service-oriented and entrepreneurially-inclined for the sustainable agri-industrialized development of Sorsogon and beyond. SSC GOAL

To provide quality and relevant instruction which is accessible to all; conduct and promote scientific and technical studies; extend appropriate knowledge, skills and technologies of practical and scientific application and undertake income generating projects to meet the needs and demand of various sectors to improve and sustain the quality of life. NSTP-CWTS VISION

To develop the youth as a social entrepreneur serving the communities as value-driven innovators for national peace and development. NSTP-CWTS GOAL
To promote and integrate values education, transformational leadership and sustainable social mobilization for youth and family development, community building, national security and global solidarity. NSTP-CWTS OBJECTIVES

* To provide and protect the physical, mental, spiritual and social well being of the youth. * To inculcate patriotism and nationalism in the youth.
* To encourage their environment in public and civic affairs.

We are guided by our commitment to:

* Love of god
* Human dignity
* Truth, goodness and social responsibility
* Innovation and creativity
* Synergy and professionalism
* Protection of the environment
* Indigenous learning and conservation
* Quality services delivery


Buhatan is one of the oldest barangay in the city. Its creation dates back in the Spanish Regime. It was said that the first settler was Hermogenes Lagamayo in the year 1817.
Since majority settlers were...
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