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Topics: Sadness, Certified teacher, Debut albums Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: March 5, 2013
From the beginning of 2nd semester, we were trained how to handle kids and understand their attitudes. Thus, we begin our first community immersion.
On our first day at Donya Pilar Marfori Elementary School, we were so excited meeting the pupils and begin our session, unfortunately, the pupils were not around. We end up cleaning the school’s surroundings instead. Most of us were disappointed that time but still manage to stay positive.

For the next session, still no children came. We’ve brought all the materials needed. We end up doing nothing, staring at each other, chatting with friends, listening to music while sitting in the bleachers. The worst part of it is that, they still required us to write insights about that session, when the real deal is we never had our session with the pupils. Another day of disappointment though it is okay with us since we are sure that by next session, we’ll finally meet the kids.

On our next session, we were very happy because we finally get the chance to do our thing. There were 13 pupils who came on our first meeting and I was in charge to buy snacks with one of my group mates. We bought bread and juice just enough for the pupils and finally head back to DPMES and notice that the children were paying much attention to their student teacher. You can see that these kids are willing to learn.

While distributing the snacks, you can see a smile in their faces that could melt anyone’s heart. They still manage to smile like that despite their situations in life. They’re chatting with each other, playing, laughing hard and even played with some of the members. Just by looking at them, you’ll catch yourself smiling in an unusual way.

We end the session with a prayer, to thank God about everything for what He had given us and hoping that by next session, it would be much better.
By next session, we feel kinda sad because only five of the pupils came. I think maybe their parents didn’t allow them to come that day, so we...
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