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Topics: Skill, Intelligence, Sociology Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: August 23, 2012

1. EXPOSURE AND UPDATED CONSCIOUSNESS OF CURRENT SOCIAL EVENTS AND CONCERNS: nation building is involvement in current concerns of the society 2. YOUTH EMPOWERMENT AND LEADERSHIP: the youth is the valuable resource and hope of the nation. the youth will be able to learn more, explore and develop his multi-capabilities with hands on exercises 3. INDIGENOUS CULTURE: genuine patriotism and nationalism are anchored on one’s deep love or passion for his ethnicity or indigenous affiliations. Genuine Filipino patriotism and nationalism is also anchored on the richness of one’s “roots”, traditions, and culture. Patriotism and nationalism is strengthening in every citizen very high regards for such richness that defines one’s deeper Filipino identity and integrity.  4. INTEGRATED FORMATION: value clarification; exposure to various important areas of personal growth and development; building on the multiple intelligences of the youth; knowledge, attitude and skills exploration and development, contextualization of the various courses of students and of the various subjects and requirements of such courses –their relationship in building the capabilities of the youth for service. 5. COMMUNITY SERVICE INVOLVEMENT OR COMMUNITY LIVING – LEARNING TO LIVE WELL TOGETHER: we to continue to learn how to live with other considering various differences; community service involvement is learning such living together. hands on involvement and internalization in various community concerns guided by applicable principles and theories of social responsibility. 6. EMPLOYMENT ORIENTATION: as both a graduation requirement and the mission of every Louisian, Louisian youth must be able to apply service standards (work character and ethics exemplified in their work knowledge, work attitude, and work skills) wherever they are employed after schooling. 7. LOUISIAN CULTURE, VALUES AND IDENTITY: 

i. Sapientia...
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