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Topics: Orphan, Abandonment, The Streets Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: February 23, 2012
Orphans and abandoned children are in desperate need of care.  Some parents are unable to care for their children or are pressured by government regulations to abandon their offspring. With no one to provide shelter or care, orphaned children are often left to wander the streets and scavenge for food.  They will grow up without ever feeling loved.

So as we went to T.O.P.S., I feel the warm welcome of those kids there, the smile is so unexplainable, I don’t know if they’re feeling scared or so happy, I don’t know. Some needed encouragement; others an example. Some needed help getting out of a bad situation at home; others needed school supplies or a new pair of shoes. Many needed help dealing with drugs, gangs, and other serious struggles. A few just needed someone to appreciate them. As their older sister, I tried my best to help those kids. But, I couldn't do it all. I had to hope that people like you would step-up. The flexible volunteer like us Paulinians opportunities can help here as much as possible. No matter who you are, or how busy your life is, you have the ability to help. Trying one of these volunteer ideas during your lunch break, in-between errands, or on vacation could make a world of difference to a child in need. We watched movies together with the kids, others made a letter that was given to the head of the organization, and then after watching movies we had a lot of games which includes stop dance, dougie battle, and many more. Some show their talents by dancing the song of Nikki minaj which is the Super Bass, then after that picture taking together with the staffs of the organization. Then we gave some pad papers, pencil, crayons notebooks and many more. And then we ate our merienda together with the kids.

Overall, it was really fun helping those kids. I love the smiles that they gave and showed to us after we did our part and it just telling me that whenever you are helping others, the Lord will give you more blessings. And I really...
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