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Our NSTP fieldwork was conducted in Sitio Mabilog, Bamban, Tarlac last January 20 and 27. Our main goal in that fieldwork was to construct a place of community meetings or events but will also serve as their community museum together with the community. From our NSTP fieldwork I think that our goals were achieved helping to build up their community. Last January 20 we were tasked to help the community to build the museum so we did our best in helping them. After a week, we were happy to see that the museum improved, seeing our hard work on making the posts of the construction, making our work being part of the community. Yes. There many things that I have learned from last sem’s NSTP, from the teachings from the DRRM and applications on how to apply it. Those things were very useful in our everyday life. In building the museum, it wasn’t hard for me because I like those activities. When I’m just a little boy my father taught me simple things that can be useful when I grow. He always takes me to our farm and he taught me some of the things about farming, planting and taking of the animals and when we are at home he taught me how to handle business and he always tell me stories when he was about my age. The young boy climbing and going down from the hill without fear and enthusiasm amazed me. Watching them makes me think that if the children can make it to the top so do I. They inspire me and strengthen my will overpowering my fear. No, because I am used to that kind of community from the many communities that I have seen and also here in Manila were poverty is all over us. Everywhere we can see poor families begging for alms and food but unlike in the community in Sitio Mabilog, Yes they are poor but they are one big family and they have happy and normal life living with their love ones peacefully. Sincerely helping in building the community for a better place to live seems to be effective to them. They treated us like their family and they were very...
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