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Christmas tree Making: More Fun with I-AS1

Christmas is just around the corner. During our NSTP class, our professor announces that we are going to make a Christmas tree using PET bottles as the main material. So we decided to do a brainstorming for us to establish a plan to start our project. Many ideas came out, and we can’t decide on what to do.

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress, working together is a success. – Henry Ford”
After our deliberation, we decided that each of us must bring 5 empty bottles of SPRITE, to be submitted on our next meeting. During the meeting, we decided to use metal wire to form the frame of our Christmas tree.

“This is the first plan for the Christmas tree.”
We planned to use an umbrella-like structure for our Christmas tree. It is planned to have a base and a pole, but since we don’t have the time and the resources we eventually turned to another plan.

“This is part of the first plan using the umbrella-like stucture.”
We begin to see the inconvenience of the first plan, so we started to plot another plan, for us to start our project the soonest as possible.

“The bottom part of our Christmas tree before it was painted.”
We started to make our Christmas tree, on a Saturday. This is the day that I felt that we are going to finish this project, because we’ll just have to settle for the ideas of the persons who are present during that day.

“Every team needs a hero, every hero needs a team.” - Anonymous
During that day we started to make the frame and the base for our Christmas tree. We materialize the plan; we have planned the other day. We make use of all our available resources and our creative side helped us when we needed it the most.

“Teamwork is the ability to work as a group toward a common vision, even if that vision becomes extremely blurry.” – A slogan from a poster.
The following week we continue to work on what’s supposed to have been done the other day. We...
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