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First day of NSTP 1 is a General Orientation of what will happen during the course, before I went to school that same day I thought this NSTP 1 would be just fine and usually what I know is to help some communities out there by cleaning their places, conducting some programs or donating foods and toys for those who are less fortunate. But when I heard the discussion of our Dir. John Michael “JM” Olaco I got curious of what will happen next days. It came to my mind that it would be busy as well as exciting because Mr. Olaco was really courageous in discussing his great plans.

When we had our community service I felt proud and honored because we had the opportunity to help others. I’m blessed and lucky to have more than they had. It inspires me to be contented and growing up I was taught to give more than I receive. I mostly enjoyed seeing the happiness in the children’s faces when they met us and knew about what we will do to them. Those smiles to their faces are priceless even with our community partners, I really felt their gratitude and my heart was in pleasure by that moment. We also got a chance to meet some new friends from Korea and it was honorable to think that other country joined us to help our own community as well as to be friends with them.

All of the things we’ve experienced in NSTP 1 were amazing and unforgettable, giving our time and passion on helping were all worth it. I did not think anymore that it is for us to pass the course but instead it is God giving us chance to be a blessing and as well as to be a good example to others. As what stated on our shirt “My small NSTP actions can make difference”, I hope that even for a short time we make changes for better and affect some people to also voluntarily help our community. I also look forward in joining future activities or projects though it’s tiring when you know that it is for the good of others, inspires you in many ways and for Almighty God it is all worth it.
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