Nsep Bio 2012

Topics: Photosynthesis, Black-and-white films, II & III Pages: 20 (3194 words) Published: December 31, 2012
Association of Teachers in Biological Sciences
Date of Examination 27th November 2011
Time 15.00 to 17.00 Hrs

01. On the answer sheet, fill up all the entries carefully in the space provided, ONLY IN BLOCK CAPITALS. Use only BLUE or BLACK BALL PEN for making entries and marking answers. Incomplete / incorrect / carelessly filled information may disqualify your candidature.

02. The question paper has 80 multiple choice questions. Each question has 4 options, out of which only one is correct. Choose the correct answer and mark a cross in the corresponding box on the answer sheet as shown below:






03. A correct answer carries 3 marks and 1 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer. 04. All rough work may be done on the blank sheet provided at the end of the question paper.
05. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY MARKS OTHER THAN (X) IN THE SPACE PROVIDED ON THE ANSWER SHEET. Answer sheets are evaluated with the help of a machine. Due to this, CHANGE OF ENTRY IS NOT ALLOWED.
06. Scratching or overwriting may result in wrong score. DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING ON THE BACK OF ANSWER SHEET.
07. Use of a nonprogrammable calculator is allowed.
08. The answers / solutions to this question paper will be available on our website www.iapt.org.in by 3 rd December 2011.

i) Certficates to top 10% students of each centre.
ii) Merit certificates to statewise Top 1% students.
iii) Merit certificate to Nationwise Top 1% students.
09. Result sheets and the “centre top 10%” certificates of NSEB are dispatched to the Professor in charge of the centre. Thus you will get your marks from the Professor in charge of your centre by January 2012 end.

10. TOP 300 (or so) students are called for the next examination - Indian National Biology Olympiads (INBO). Individual letters are sent to these students ONLY. 11. Gold medals may be awarded to TOP 35 students in this entire process. 12. No querries will be entertained in this regard.


1. The cellular component directly related to the working of pseudopodia is : a. mitochondria
b. endoplasmic reticulum
c. microtubules
d. contractile vacuole
2. Respiration in silkworm is accomplished by :
a. external gills
b. pulmonary sacs
c. body wall
d. spiracles & trachea
3. Biochemical analysis of pyrenoids in algae would reveal the presence of : a. RNA & starch
b. Proteins & starch
c. Proteins & phosphates
d. sugars & phospholipids
4. In a resting nucleus, centromeres appear as:
a. euchromatin
b. constitutive heterochromatin
c. facultative heterochromatin
d. nucleolus
5. Which of the four couples claiming the baby with O+ blood type are possibly the biological parents of it?
a. AB- and A+
b. A+ and Oc. O+ and AB+
d. B- and O6. Even if it is bred under protection to increase the number considerably a species threatened with extinction can rarely come out of this category. This is due to the: a. loss of genetic diversity

b. physical weakness induced by human care
c. loss of skill in gathering food
d. pathologies developed in them.
7. Nitrobactor that oxidises nitrites to nitrates can be considered to have this type of nutritition:
a. photo organotrophic
b. chemo organotrophic
c. photo lithotrophic
d. chemo lithotrophic
8. Angular fluttering or flapping wings near the throat skin in birds serves the purpose of:
a. Thermoregulation
b. osmoregulation
c. warning enemies
d. attracting opposite sex

9. Temperature has direct effect on which of the following? i. body size
ii. size of the extremities of the body
iii. mutation
iv. life span
v. metabolism in poikilotherm
a. i,iii and iv
b. ii, iii and iv
c. ii,iii and v
d. i,ii and v
10. The main difference between an enzyme catalyzed and uncatalyzed reaction is that the former has
a. lower energy of activation
b. lower free energy
c. ability to use all available substrate
d. little...
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