Ns325-02 Nutrition Across the Human Life Cycle

Topics: Nutrition, Vitamin, Milk Pages: 3 (1247 words) Published: June 12, 2012
Final Project - 1

Unit 9 Final Project

April Polasek

Nutrition across the Human Life Cycle
NS 325-02
Nancy Mears
November 21, 2011

Final Project - 1
Unit 9 Final Project
I would like to start this paper by stating that I have been on a low calorie diet for the past 3 weeks so if my foods seem like they are similar daily this is the reason why. I usually have a pretty healthy diet because nutrition is very important to me and for my children. I try to make sure that my children eat as healthy as possible and get the physical activity that need on a daily basis. In my assessment through Fitday.com my current diet consist of the foods that I have picked to make up the majority of my daily menu while I am on this diet. In accessing my total nutrition chart from Fitday.com my averages were actually a little surprising. Honestly, I am not sure what I was expecting and there are some of the results that I do not fully understand what they should be exactly but I am still learning. My average calories for the three days are one thousand twenty two, fat is thirty six percent, from that fat twelve percent is saturated, five percent is polyunsaturated, sixteen percent is monounsaturated fat. Carbohydrate is at thirty-six percent, protein is twenty seven percent, and dietary fiber is fourteen point three grams. The RDA (recommended dietary allowance) results for my total nutrients for my three day diet are; Vitamin A RDA is 700.0 mcg my actual 107%, Vitamin B6 RDA is 1.3 mg my actual 124%, Vitamin B12 RDA is 2.4 mcg my actual is 99%, Vitamin C RDA is 75.0 mg my actual is 97%, Vitamin D RDA is 5.0 mcg my actual is 1%, Vitamin E RDA is 15.0 mg my actual is 29%, Calcium RDA is 1000.0 mg my actual is 65%, Copper RDA is 0.9 mg my actual is 94%, Iron RDA is 18.0 my actual is 35%, Magnesium RDA is 320.0 my actual is 60%, Manganese RDA 1.8 mg my actual 78%, Niacin RDA 14.0...
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