Ns2 Introduction to Network Simulator

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Introduction to Network Simulator NS2

Teerawat Issariyakul • Ekram Hossain

Introduction to Network Simulator NS2


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NS2 is an open-source event-driven simulator designed specifically for research in computer communication networks. Since its inception in 1989, NS2 has continuously gained tremendous interest from industry, academia, and government. Having been under constant investigation and enhancement for years, NS2 now contains modules for numerous network components such as routing, transport layer protocol, application, etc. To investigate network performance, researchers can simply use an easy-to-use scripting language to configure a network, and observe results generated by NS2. Undoubtedly, NS2 has become the most widely used open source network simulator, and one of the most widely used network simulators. Unfortunately, most research needs simulation modules which are beyond the scope of the built-in NS2 modules. Incorporating these modules into NS2 requires profound understanding of NS2 architecture. Currently, most NS2 beginners rely on online tutorials. Most of the available information mainly explains how to configure a network and collect results, but does not include sufficient information for building additional modules in NS2. Despite its details about NS2 modules, the formal documentation of NS2 is mainly written as a reference book, and does not provide much information for beginners. The lack of guidelines for extending NS2 is perhaps the greatest obstacle, which discourages numerous researchers from using NS2. At this moment, there is no guide book which can help the beginners understand the architecture of NS2 in depth. The objective of this textbook is to act as a primer for NS2 beginners. The book provides information required to install NS2, run simple examples, modify the existing NS2 modules, and create as well as incorporate new modules into NS2. To this end, the details of several built-in NS2 modules are explained in a comprehensive manner. NS2 by itself contains numerous modules. As time elapses, researchers keep developing new NS2 modules. This book does not include the details of all NS2



modules, but does so for selected modules necessary to understand the basics of NS2. For example, it leaves out the widely used modules such as wireless node or web caching. We believe that once the basics of NS2 are grasped, the readers can go through other documentations, and readily understand the details of other NS2 components. The details of Network AniMator (NAM) and Xgraph are also omitted here. We understand that these two tools are nice to have and could greatly facilitate...
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